Salak Gading / Salacca zalacca

Salak ivory, whose Latin name is Salacca zalacca, is a superior fruit from Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY) Province, and is one of the fruits that has high economic value.

Salak ivory has a lighter skin color than other salak which tends to be dark brown. However, the flesh is thicker with a distinctive aroma and sweet taste. Compared to other types of salak, ivory salak fruit is relatively astringent and has a slightly sour taste.

Physically, the ivory salak fruit is easy to recognize from its brighter skin color. As for the plants, usually the stems are greener, with yellowish thorns and smooth leaves.

Salak ivory has a larger size than the size of salak pondoh. The color is also different, which is yellowish white like elephant ivory, so it is also called the Caucasian salak.

Salak ivory tastes sweet even though there is still a sepet taste, with thick yellowish-white flesh with a distinctive aroma of fruit that is quite hard. With a distinctive fruity aroma, it invites people’s appetite to try to taste it. The difference from pondoh salak is that only the old and ripe fruit of ivory salak has a sweet taste, while pondoh salak is still young and has a sweet taste.

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