Syzygium Jiewhoei

Syzygium Jiewhoei Or Syzygium jiewhoey, a plant species from Papua New Guinea that is worldwide.

Syzygium jiewhoei

Syzygium jiewhoei is a majestic free-flowering tree with a rather broad conical crown, which makes it a highly sought-after ornamental tree. When mature, it produces showy inflorescences on its stems.

Syzygium jiewhoei flowers produce a lot of nectar for up to three days after blooming, attracting many Asian honey bees (Apis cerana) and stingless bees (Trigona laeviceps). The salmon pink fruit of Syzygium jiewhoei ranges from ovoid to broad and slightly oval ellipsoid.rare plants that deserve to be added to your collection

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