Syzygium Sp Sulawesi / Syzygium Polycephalum

Ruruhi Plant (Syzygium polycephalum
Merr.) is one of the flowering plants that
belonging to the Myrtaceae tribe, guava group and dispersed by seeds.
Fruits and flowers emerge from the stems and cluster. In addition, Ruruhi plants are one of the biological natural resources that are often found growing wild in forests and forests
has various benefits. One of the plants that disperse seeds to maintain the existence of its species is the Ruruhi plant

(Syzgium polycephalum Merr.). This species, known as the Tapaco area, is often found in the Lamadae Nature Reserve and the Nanga-Nanga Papalia protected forest area (Zulkarnain and Bana, 2010). This type is included in the guava group. In Australia it is found in the Queensland area at an altitude of 900 m above sea level (Mudiana, 2005).
Ruruhi fruit (Syzygium polycephalum Merr) is the fruit of
wild plant guava tribe or Myrtaceae. Ruruhi fruit skin is red to purple. Anthocyanins are pigments belonging to the flavonoid class that play a role in the appearance of red, blue and white colors
purple on many flowers and fruits

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