Tips for healing thin and wilted plants, lack of attention

Would you like to heal a shriveled and wilted plant in your home? Some plants in the garden will be able to grow by themselves even if you are lazy to take care of them.

sembuhkan tanaman kurus dan layu

However, this does not apply to some plants. In particular, those of you who maintain ornamental plants in the house. One of the determining factors is the lighting problem. You need to know, the light needs of ornamental plants are very different from one type to another. Lighting itself plays a very important role. Sunlight helps plants to photosynthesize, which is to produce energy or food for them to stay fresh and grow. Plants that are thin and wilted are a sign that your plants lack sunlight. You can cure bony and wilted plants at home by knowing their light needs.

By knowing the need for light, you can place ornamental plants in accordance with the right sunlight in the house. For example, betel ivory is able to thrive in low sun exposure. You can create this condition by placing the ivory betel in the window area facing north. In general, plants are divided into three based on the need for light to thrive. Placing a collection of houseplants based on these criteria can help heal weedy and wilted plants. Low Light You can get low light conditions on windows facing north. In this section, throughout the morning to evening the sunlight does not directly hit the plants for 12 hours.

One of the characteristics of plants that require low light to stay alive is plants that do not flower. Examples of these plants are ivory betel, philodendron, monstera, zz plant, or sansivera aka mother-in-law’s tongue. Medium light Openings or windows facing east are sources of light with moderate intensity. In addition, west-facing windows can be an alternative, but don’t be exposed to direct sunlight. Plants that like light conditions like this are rubber plants, begonias, pepperomias, or spider plants. High Light A window or opening facing southwest is a great location for plants that require high light. This is because the sun shines on this area for 12 hours directly.

sembuhkan tanaman kurus dan layu

However, you have to be careful because the plants can burn. Plants that are suitable in this location are cacti and succulents. If in the area you place plants with minimal light, you can use lamps that emit UV rays. You can buy a special timer so the plants get the light they need.

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