Types of ornamental plants that are right for you to make a vertical garden

Ornamental plants are currently on the rise, one of which is maintaining ornamental plants with the concept of a vertical garden.

vertical garden

This concept is very helpful for those of you who have narrow land but want to collect ornamental plants. With a vertical garden, the house becomes more fresh and beautiful.

For those of you who want to have this garden at home, here are the types of plants that you can use.


Fern type plants are very suitable as a vertical garden. Ferns are very good at absorbing toxins in the air. In addition, ferns are also plants that are easy to thrive.

That way, the ferns quickly cover empty areas so you don’t have to spend more to buy plants in large quantities. You can try the sword or boston fern, bird’s nest fern, or blue star fern.


One of the most famous types of betel plants is the ivory betel. Just like ferns, betel-type plants are able to thrive and quickly grow thick.

In addition, betel plants thrive in low light conditions. So, those of you who have few windows don’t have to worry about the plants being difficult to grow or dying.

Betel ivory also has different leaf sizes when small and mature. You can mix between large mature leaves and small leaves. However, make sure you provide a little moss so that the hanging roots get nutrients too. That way, plant growth is also faster.


Just like ivory betel, scindapsus silver splash is a vine that you can use as a vertical garden filler at home. This plant has thick leaves and silver splash-like patterns.

vertical garden

As a type of vine with aerial roots, you can propagate this plant by water propagation. With this method, you can produce a lot of plants with little cost.

When enough white roots have grown, you can move the Scindapsus silver splash into the planting medium in a vertical garden.


The next plant that you can make decorations in a vertical garden is puring. This plant has many patterns.

puring ornamental plant

You can find a combination of green, brown, orange, yellow, to red in croton. Like other types of plants, the price of croton is also quite cheap, so you don’t need a lot of money to make a vertical garden.

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