Wanyi Fruit (Mangifera Caesia)

Wanyi (Mangifera Caesia) is a fruit with a sweet taste and fragrant smell when it is ripe. The flesh is white and the skin is green, with a shape almost like a mango. Wanyi can be found in the Tenggarong area, Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan.

The tree has rough, brown bark, sharp leaves, oval fruit shape, the texture of the flesh is like mango, the flesh is milky white. Although the fruit is like mango, but the aroma is much more pungent. Uniquely this fruit skin remains green even though the fruit is ripe. In the past, the fruit was harvested every two years, now it can be once every four years. Wanyi fruit sap needs to be watched out for, because if you come into contact with the sap you can experience itching.

Wanyi fruit is a fruit that is still in the same family as mangoes. This fruit is produced from a large and tall tree. Even the height can reach 12 meters with a sharp-shaped leaves.

The fruit itself is oval in shape, with a green to brown skin. If eaten, the texture of the milky flesh is very soft. Another feature of this fruit is that it has a very fragrant aroma, with a slightly sour sweet taste, and contains a lot of water.

Besides being known as the wanyi fruit, this fruit whose scientific name is Mangifera Caesia, also has other names, including Palong and Kemang.

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