White Duwet

White Duwet or Syzygium Cumini, This type of duwet is much sought after by plant fans because of its sweet taste. White duwet can also be a choice of plant to fill the yard or garden at the side of the house.

White Duwet / Syzygium Cumini
White Duwet / Syzygium Cumini

Characteristics of White Duwet

Latin name: Syzygium cumini
Trade name: White duwet/juwet/jamblang
Origin: Southeast Asia
Tree Description: Includes large trees that can reach a height of 20 meters. The leaves are thick and if cut they will ooze sap.
Fruit Shape: The fruit is small, egg-shaped, the size of a grape. Approximately the weight of one fruit is around 10-15 grams. Fruit diameter ranges from 2-3 cm.
Fruit Skin: Light purple when unripe, but when it starts to ripen, the color changes to milky white with a green tinge.
Fruit Taste: The fruit has a sweet taste, even compared to purple Duwet, the sweet taste of white Duwet is more pronounced. No need for added sugar to eat it.
Fruit Seeds: There is one seed in each white duwet fruit.

White Duwet / Syzygium Cumini
White Duwet / Syzygium Cumini

How to Plant White Duwet Seeds

Environmental Conditions: An altitude of 500 meters above sea level is the optimal height for the growth of white duwet. It also requires rainfall with an intensity of around 1000mm per year.
Planting Media: White duwet is not too fussy when it comes to planting media. The tree can even continue to grow in dry soil such as sandy soil, clay soil, or calcareous clay soil.
Land Preparation: Prepare the planting land that will be used as a planting area by cleaning it from rubbish, weeds and wild grass.
Planting Hole: Make a planting hole measuring 50cmx50cmx50cm and provide spacing if planting more than one seed. The goal is so that when the white juwet seeds grow between the trees they do not block or disturb each other.
Planting Method: Apply manure to the planting hole and leave it for one week before planting. If so, insert the white juwet seeds into the planting hole and cover them with soil mixed with fermented manure.

White Duwet / Syzygium Cumini
White Duwet / Syzygium Cumini

How to Care for White Juwet Seeds

After planting, the next step that must be done is to care for the newly planted white juwet tree. You don’t need to worry because caring for white juwet trees does not require special treatment. So you only need to care for plants in general.

Watering: Watering is done every 1-2 days to keep the soil wet, you can also add sprinkles for a better harvest.
Fertilization: It is best for purple duwet to be fertilized regularly at a frequency of once a month, you can use fruit NPK, compost and manure. There are times when fruit-stimulating hormones are also needed to stimulate the growth of flowers and fruit.

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