Xanthosoma, is a group of plants from the Araceae family, in some species it is also used as an ornamental plant. The genus Xanthosoma has known more than 50 species, most of which are found in tropical America.

The name “xanthosoma”, comes from the Greek words (Xanthos) meaning “yellow”, and (soma) meaning “body”.
Several species of the genus Xanthosoma are used in agriculture, grown to produce flour from tubers. In tropical America, starch from Xanthosoma tubers is a staple food, known as malanga, otoy, otoe, cocoyam, tannia, tannier, yautía, macabo, macal, taioba, dasheen, quequisque, ape and taro kongkong in Papua New Guinea.


Several species are also used as ornamental plants, one of which is Xanthosoma roseum, known as the ‘elephant ear’. Leaf size in most of the Xanthosoma genus is 40-200 cm long and arrow-shaped (sagittate).


















Xanthosoma Schott

50 species


Acontias Schott

Most of the genus Xanthosoma is thought to have originated in the northern lowlands of South America, spreading to the Antilles and Mesoamerica. Until now Xanthosoma plants can still be found throughout the region. Xanthosoma is very popular in Cuba and Puerto Rico where it is used for food and used in alcapurrias or stews. It is also found in Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and Jamaica for the popular dish called callaloo. Apart from America, Xanthosoma is also found in West Africa, where it can be used as a substitute for sweet potatoes in a regional dish called fufu. Xanthosoma was also developed in the Philippines.

Xanthosoma has a 9 to 11 month growing cycle, during which time it produces large stems called tubers the size of a potato.

Some species of the genus Xanthosoma:

Xanthosoma acutum
Xanthosoma akkermansii
Xanthosoma albo-marginata
Xanthosoma angustisectum
Xanthosoma appendiculatum
Xanthosoma aristeguietae
Xanthosoma atrovirens
    Xanthosoma atrovirens var. appendiculatum
    Xanthosoma atrovirens var. hybridum
    Xanthosoma atrovirens var. kochii
    Xanthosoma atrovirens var. moritzii
    Xanthosoma atrovirens var. panduriforme
    Xanthosoma atrovirens var. versicolor
Xanthosoma aureum
Xanthosoma auriculatum
Xanthosoma baguense
Xanthosoma barilletii
Xanthosoma bayo
Xanthosoma belophyllum
    Xanthosoma belophyllum var. caracassanum
    Xanthosoma belophyllum var. kunthi
Xanthosoma bilineatum
Xanthosoma blandum
Xanthosoma bolivaranum
Xanthosoma brasiliense - (Tahitian spinach)
Xanthosoma brevispathaceum
Xanthosoma × brownii O.Deg., Fl. Hawaiiensis
Xanthosoma buchtienii
Xanthosoma caladioides
Xanthosoma caracasanum
Xanthosoma caracu - (yautia horqueta)
Xanthosoma caulotuberculatum
Xanthosoma clarense
Xanthosoma conspurcatum
Xanthosoma contractum
Xanthosoma cordatum
Xanthosoma cordifolium
Xanthosoma croatanum
Xanthosoma cubense
Xanthosoma daguense
    Xanthosoma daguense var. amargalense
    Xanthosoma daguense var. chinense.
Xanthosoma dealbatum
Xanthosoma edule
Xanthosoma eggersii
Xanthosoma exiguum
Xanthosoma feuersteiniae
Xanthosoma flavomaculatum
Xanthosoma fractum
Xanthosoma gracile
Xanthosoma granvillei
Xanthosoma guttatum
Xanthosoma hastatum
Xanthosoma hastifolium
Xanthosoma hebetatum
Xanthosoma helleborifolium - (belembe sivestre)
    Xanthosoma helleborifolium var. angustisectum
    Xanthosoma helleborifolium f. variegatum
    Xanthosoma helleborifolium f. viride
    Xanthosoma helleborifolium var. weberbaueri
Xanthosoma herrerae
Xanthosoma hoffmannii - (american taro)
    Xanthosoma hoffmannii var. wendlandii
Xanthosoma holtonianum
Xanthosoma hylaeae
Xanthosoma ianthinum
Xanthosoma jacquinii
Xanthosoma cherry
Xanthosoma latestigmatum
Xanthosoma lindenii
Xanthosoma longilobum
Xanthosoma lucens
Xanthosoma maculatum
Xanthosoma mafaffa
    Xanthosoma mafaffa var. blandum
    Xanthosoma mafaffa var. poeppigii
    Xanthosoma mafaffa var. typicum
Xanthosoma mafaffoides
Xanthosoma mariae
Xanthosoma maroae
Xanthosoma maximiliani
Xanthosoma mendozae
Xanthosoma mexicanum
Xanthosoma mirabile
Xanthosoma monstruosum
Xanthosoma mucronatum
Xanthosoma narinoense
Xanthosoma nigrum
Xanthosoma nitidum
Xanthosoma obtusilobum
Xanthosoma orinocense
Xanthosoma panduriforme
Xanthosoma paradoxum
Xanthosoma pariense
Xanthosoma pedatum
    Xanthosoma peltatum
    Xanthosoma pentaphyllum
    Xanthosoma peregrinum
    Xanthosoma pilosum
    Xanthosoma platylobum
    Xanthosoma Plowmanii
    Xanthosoma plumieri
    Xanthosoma poeppigii
        Xanthosoma poeppigii var. mafaffa
    Xanthosoma pottii
    Xanthosoma puberulum
    Xanthosoma pubescens
        Xanthosoma pubescens var. latesinuatum
    Xanthosoma pulchrum
    Xanthosoma purpuratum
    Xanthosoma riedelianum
        Xanthosoma riedelianum var. brancoanum
    Xanthosoma junglechii
    Xanthosoma riopalenquense
    Xanthosoma riparium
    Xanthosoma robustum - (capote)
    Xanthosoma roseum
    Xanthosoma sagittifolium - (arrowleaf elephant ear)
    Xanthosoma saguasense
    Xanthosoma seideliae
    Xanthosoma stenospathum
    Xanthosoma striapes
    Xanthosoma striolatum
    Xanthosoma subandinum
    Xanthosoma sylvestr
    Xanthosoma syngoniifolium
    Xanthosoma taioba
    Xanthosoma tarapotense
    Xanthosoma trichophyllum
    Xanthosoma trilobum
    Xanthosoma ulei
    Xanthosoma undipes - (tall elephant's ear)
    Xanthosoma utili
    Xanthosoma variegatum
    Xanthosoma versicolor
    Xanthosoma violaceum - (tiquisque)
    Xanthosoma viviparum
    Xanthosoma wallisii
    Xanthosoma weeksii
    Xanthosoma wendlandii
    Xanthosoma xantharrhizon
    Xanthosoma yucatanense

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- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xanthosoma

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